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Contest Regulations

of The First National competition Friend of childhood

I. Aim of the competition

  • attract public attention to childrens problems;
  • display, generalise and popularise best experience in upbringing, educating and development of children and youth;
  • strengthen necessity of special care of children in public consciousness
  • keep observance of childrens rights and their legal interests;
  • create conditions for discovering talented and gifted children as well as developing childrens creativity;
  • combine efforts of governmental services, public organizations and business structures which work with children and for children;
  • support and encourage local producers of childrens goods and services for children;
  • strengthen a feeling of Kazakhstan patriotism and a feeling of responsibility for growing generation;
  • save and to increase moral principals and cultural traditions of Kazakhstans people in upbringing children and youth.

II. Structure of the competition

The first National competition Friend of children is carried out in following nominations:
  • the best childrens house yard club
  • the best childrens pre-school institution
  • the best high school (college as well)
  • the best childrens periodicals (newspapers, magazines)
  • the best childrens TV program
  • the best childrens book
  • the best childrens toy or game
  • the best childrens web site or informational portal in Internet
  • the best childrens hospital or polyclinic
  • the best enterprise which provides services for children (shop, cafe, atelier, photo studio, barbers shop etc)
  • the best enterprise of small-scale and medium business, which makes goods for children
  • the best NGO, which works with children
  • the best childrens out-of-school institution (Palaces and Homes of students, sanitary camps and recreation centers)
  • the best childrens creative collective.
The competition provides awards in following sections:
  • the best teacher
  • the best childrens doctor
  • the best Maecenas
  • the best childrens journalist, writer, composer
  • the best of governmental personnel or political figure, who defend children
Working languages of the competition Kazakh and Russian.

III. Procedure of the competition

The first National competition Friend of children is conducted form 28th September until 15th December 2007.

Contest stages

  • 28 September 15 November 2007 applications receiving.
  • 15 October 2007 starting press-conference in Astana city.
  • 16-30 November 2007 jurys work: examination and reviewing of applications, determination of winners.
  • 13 December 2007 awarding ceremony of the First National competition Friend of children in Astana city.
All information about competition is placed on the official web site http://www.drugdetstva.kz Applications to the competition are accepted on the base of nomination and recommendation of governmental, commercial and non-governmental organizations and private persons. Also can be accepted self nomination. Application describing applicants activity in free style, print Times New Roman, 14 pointtype, single interval, photo copies of newspapers and magazines publications, audio cassettes, CD, miniDV, DVD, video cassette VHS, photos in size not less than 15x20 sm. these all can be sent via post or on e-mail or applicant can bring in personally himself to the addresses:

010000, Astana, Bokeykhana st., 1
Tel. 8 (7172) 32 49 67, Fax 8 (7172) 32 49 26
050000, Almaty, Furmanov st., 137, office 3
Tel. 8 (727) 272 55 56, Fax 8 (727) 272 55 66,
E-mail: orgkomitet@drugdetstva.kz, http://www.drugdetstva.kz

All the presented information must be in poster style for placing it on the stands of exhibition of the First National competition Friend of children (paper size A3-A4) and please copy it to electronic storage device. The deadline for applications 15 November 2007 at 18.00 (Astana time).

Every applicant provides photos and logo of represented organization [in formats: TIFF, EPS, AI, CDR (ver. 8, 9, 10 in curves) not less than 250-300 DPI] for placing it in the book The First National competition Friend of children. Every participant will be informed personally about his participation in awarding ceremony. Finalists will be invited to Astana on 13th December 2007.

IV. Jury of the competition

The jury of the competition is formed from trustworthy public figures, famous professional masters in the field of art, culture, science, education, health protection, mass media and etc.

The jury of the competition evaluates applications and creative materials presented by competitors according to the following criteria:
  • topically and urgency;
  • innovation;
  • originality;
  • professionalism;
  • the state of being relevant;
  • the presence of diplomas and certificates;
  • responses and opinion of public and mass media;
  • style of the decoration of presented materials.
Jurys decision will be fixed by protocol and it cant be reassessed. Competitions materials are assessed in 10 mark system. Jury determines the winners of the competition by most high score of mark.

V. Financing of the competition and rewarding

All expenses for organization and conducting of the competition are made by resources of the Committee on childrens rights protection of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Transfer from laureates home to the awarding ceremony and back (by train), food, accommodation and entertaining program covered by organisational committee.

Rewarding: laureate title, diploma, memorable prizes and personal statuette in every section. Organisations, enterprises of different type of ownership and mass media have a right to set up their own special prizes.

VI. An order of presented materials use

The organizational committee has a right to use presented materials for its own purpose: to place it in mass media, books, on TV, radio and Internet. Presented materials can not be returned and reviewed.

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