Национальный конкурс Друг детства, Казахстан
Национальный конкурс Друг детства, Казахстан
Детский конкурс Друг детства, Казахстан Детский конкурс Друг детства, Казахстан

Mission and goals

Aims of the competition

  • attract public attention to children’s problems;
  • display, generalise and popularise best experience in upbringing, educating and development of children and youth;
  • strengthen necessity of special care of children in public consciousness
  • keep observance of children’s rights and their legal interests;
  • create conditions for discovering talented and gifted children as well as developing children’s creativity;
  • combine efforts of governmental services, public organizations and business structures which work with children and for children;
  • support and encourage local producers of children’s goods and services for children;
  • strengthen a feeling of Kazakhstan patriotism and a feeling of responsibility for growing generation;
  • save and to increase moral principals and cultural traditions of Kazakhstan’s people in upbringing children and youth.
The symbol of the “Friend of Children” competition is a little paper toy ship. This simple toy was made by everyone of the Planet Earth habitants at least once in his life. All children, no matter what are their gender, religion, color and shape on their eyes, like to send toy ships on the water. Paper toy ship is easy vulnerable, unprotected creation, which can easily be flashed by wave…

So does the child skims along in a boundless life ocean which is full of danger, unknown and mysteries by the will of waves. A love and care of adults – these are those vital powers that fill sails of little ship and lead it to the it’s dream, new life and give true life guidelines.

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  Национальный конкурс Друг детства, Казахстан
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